Lisa Fetterman
Building a community around Nomiku
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LISA Q. FETTERMAN is the founder and CEO of Nomiku, the first home sous vide immersion circulator machine on the market. Lisa has been featured in Wired, Make, and Forbes, and was named on both Forbes and Zagat Survey’s 30 Under 30 lists for her pioneering work in the food space. Lisa has worked at some of the top restaurants in the country including Babbo and Jean-Georges in New York and Saison in San Francisco.

Mike and Albert Lee
Lessons from building MyFitnessPal
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Mike Lee co-founded MyFitnessPal with his brother Albert Lee. MyFItnessPal is the leading health and fitness platform. Prior to founding MyFitnessPal, Mike co-founded NextC, a venture-funded startup focused on building online communities., During his 20 year tenure in the technology industry, Mike has held leadership positions at several other top start-ups in Silicon Valley, including Palm, Handspring,, and Regis McKenna.

Over the course of his career, Albert Lee has focused on creating both consumer and business related products within some of the industry's most successful companies including eBay, Paypal and Yahoo.

Andy Grignon
Creating the iPhone
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Andy has made a career out of creating and shipping highly visible consumer products. He started out at Apple in the Advanced Technology Group developing QuickTime Conferencing and QuickTime Streaming technologies. A couple small companies later, he was back at Apple building iChat AV and the iSight camera.

He went on to write Dashboard for MacOS, prior to becoming part of the small, ragtag group charged with creating iPhone. After shipping iPhone 1.0, he left for Palm to co-invent webOS. As VP of Applications and Platforms, he oversaw the release of 13 versions of webOS.

Biz Stone
How we founded Twitter
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Biz Stone is an American entrepreneur known best as the co-founder of Twitter, Medium, and now Jelly Industries where he currently serves as CEO. A progenitor of social media, Stone has been developing large scale systems that facilitate the open exchange of information for more than fifteen years. Originally from Boston, Stone moved to California to work as an early Google employee. Stone is an active angel investor, board director, public speaker, and a prominent philanthropist

Biz has been honored with the International Center for Journalism Innovation Award, INC Magazine named him Entrepreneur of the Decade, TIME listed him as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World, and GQ named him Nerd of the Year. In 2014, The Economist recognized Stone with their annual Innovation Award. In 2015, Stone’s Twitter won an Emmy and Biz received CIPR’s most prestigious accolade for his leadership at the forefront of developing new forms of media.

Michelle Phan
Business and makeup
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Michelle Phan is a digital pioneer, who trail-blazed her way in the world of fashion and beauty on YouTube. With a growing global community of over 7.5 million, Michelle’s videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times, making her one of the most watched talents in the digital space.

Joe Natoli & Kevin Hernandez
Landing Page
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Kevin Hernandez & Joe Natoli from Draper University give a workshop for Landing Pages and the 5 key components to a successful landing page.

Kevin Hernandez & Juan Acosta
Pitch Workshop At Draper University
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Programming Director Juan Acosta and Kevin Hernandez share their first hand experience and advice for Pitching to VC's, and Investors.

Doug Mellinger
Becoming an Entrepreneur
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Doug Mellinger joined Clarion in 2013 as Managing Director and Head of Marketing.  Previously, Doug was a Managing Director at Palm Ventures where he focused on investments in the education, business services, technology, financial services and health and wellness sectors. Doug was the founder, CEO and Vice-Chairman of Foundation Source, the nation’s leading provider of outsourced services for private foundations, serving over 1,000 of the wealthiest families in the US, from 2000 until his retirement in 2011.  He has been a career entrepreneur who has founded numerous companies including Enherent (formerly PRT Group), a global software development and services company which he established in 1989 and was CEO until 1999.  He was named Entrepreneur of the Year for New England, CEO of an Inc 500 company twice and created one of the top 100 software companies.  Doug is a founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization and was the International Director for the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs after graduating from Syracuse University where he created his own degree in Entrepreneurship.  He is active in the philanthropic and civic sectors through volunteer and board positions and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

David Theroux
Love Gov
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David J. Theroux is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Institute and Publisher of The Independent Review. He received his B.S., A.B., and M.S. from the University of California, Berkeley, and his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He is a Juror for the 2017 Brock International Prize in Education, and books produced by Mr. Theroux have been the recipients of the Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize, Templeton Freedom Award, two Mencken Awards for Best Book, seven Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards for Best Book, two Benjamin Franklin Awards, four Independent Publisher Book Awards, Peter Shaw Memorial Award, and three Choice Magazine Awards for Outstanding Book. He is Founder and President of the C.S. Lewis Society of California, and he was founding Vice President and Director of Academic Affairs for the Cato Institute and founding President of the Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy.

Mike Palumbo
Calculated Risk
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Michael J Palumbo is the author of Calculated Risk: The Modern Entrepreneur's Handbook. In addition, he is presently the Chairman and President of MJP Capital, LLC. and is the controlling partner of TMT Investments, LLC.

Mr. Palumbo is often known for turning $250,000 into over $100 million (from 1995 to 2006) trading short-term options through his proprietary trading firm at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). In addition, Palumbo is also best known as the original venture capitalist behind the funding of the High Frequency Trading (HFT) firm GETCO.

In 2007, Mr. Palumbo repeated his success again, grossing over $100 million in what he often cites as one of his best trading years ever. What is more, by the time Mr. Palumbo exited his full GETCO position in the fall of 2008, he had for the third time in his career, booked another nine-digit multi-million dollar win.

Mr. Palumbo has four children: Samantha, Christina, Matthew, and Michael. In addition, Mr. Palumbo is married to Veronica Najera and lives in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago.

Michael J Palumbo Wikipedia Page:

MJP Capital, LLC. Website:

TMT Investments, LLC. Website:

Michael J Palumbo Personal Website:

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Robert Scoble
Entrepreneur in Residence at Upload VR
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Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. Scoble is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. He later worked for Fast Company as a video blogger, and then Rackspace and the Rackspace sponsored community site Building 43 promoting breakthrough technology and startups. He currently works for Upload VR  — a new media site covering virtual and augmented reality — as its entrepreneur in residence, where he develops new shows, events, and works with other entrepreneurs in the Upload Collective, a co-working space for virtual reality-focused startups.

(This livestream has technical difficulties on screen until 22:00 in)

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Draper University Pitch Day
Fall 2016
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After 7 intense weeks in the Draper University program, students pitch their startups and business ideas to a panel of notable Silicon Valley VC judges. They will be scrutinized on their presentation, business model, product, potential, and grit. Let us know on Twitter your favourite pitches!

Disclaimer: Students are presenting and pitching to the panel of VC judges present at the event. This video is not a general solicitation for funds to online viewers, and is produced for educational and personal purposes only.

115 days ago
Women in Tech Panel
Angie Chang, Caroline Ghosn, Jory De Jarnis, Sabeen Ali
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Draper University will feature trailblazing women in tech. We'll hear the stories of highly successful women from different fields within the tech industry, all finding solutions that work for getting more women into tech. Afterwards, we'll open up the floor for Q&A with the panelists and attendees.

The panel includes:
Angie Chang - Angie is the VP of Partnerships at Hackbright Academy and also runs their mentorship program.

Caroline Ghosn - Caroline is the founder and CEO of Levo, a network for millennials in the workplace.

Jory Des Jardinsm - Jory co-founded BlogHer, a category-defining women’s digital media company that was acquired by SheKnows Media in 2014.

Sabeen Ali - Sabeen is the founder and CEO of Angelhack, the world's largest and most diverse hacker community.

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Dave McClure
Founder Partner at 500 Startups
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Dave McClure is a venture capitalist and founding partner at 500 Startups, a venture capital firm & startup incubator headquartered in Silicon Valley founded by PayPal and Google alumni, with over $200 in assets under management. Dave has been geeking out in Silicon Valley for twenty-five years as a developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor & investor, blogger, and internet marketing nerd.
Dave is a frequent speaker at technology & entrepreneurship conferences and has invested in hundreds of companies around the world including: Credit Karma (valued >$1B in 2014), Twilio (raised >$100M as of 2013), MakerBot (acq $400M Stratasys), Wildfire Interactive (acq $350M Google), Viki (acq $200M Rakuten), Mashery (acq by Intel ~$200M), SendGrid (raised >$45M as of 2014), (acq $170M Intuit), SlideShare (acq $119M LinkedIn), among others.
From 2008 thru 2010, Dave managed the FF Angel seed investment program for Founders Fund, and ran the 2009 fbFund incubator program on behalf of Facebook, Accel Partners, & Founders Fund. From 2006 thru 2008 Dave was an advisor & consultant to several startups and helped teach the nation's first-ever class on Facebook and social networking platforms at Stanford University in 2007. From 2005 thru 2006 Dave ran marketing for job search engine Simply Hired. From 2001 thru 2004, Dave was Director of Marketing at PayPal (acquired by eBay in 2002), where he started the PayPal Developer Network program. Prior to PayPal, Dave was a database consultant & programmer for several companies, including Microsoft and Intel. In 1994 he founded Aslan Computing, an internet & e-commerce consulting group later acquired by Servinet / Panurgy in 1998.
Before coming to Silicon Valley, Dave barely graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with a BS Engineering in Mathematical Sciences and a minor in frisbee, billiards, & foosball. His interests include microfinance and economic innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital, ultimate frisbee, cartoons and animation, and an ever-growing collection of funny-looking hats.

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Draper University Pitch Day
Summer 2016 (AM)
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The morning session of the Draper University Summer 2016 class Pitch Day. After 7 intense weeks in the Draper University program, students pitch their startups and business ideas to a panel of notable Silicon Valley VC judges. They will be scrutinized on their presentation, business model, product, potential, and grit. Let us know on Twitter your favourite pitches!

Disclaimer: Students are presenting and pitching to the panel of VC judges present at the event. This video is not a general solicitation for funds to online viewers, and is produced for educational and personal purposes only.