Andy Billings, VP of Profitable Creativity

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Andy shares some of experiences on team while working at one of the biggest gaming companies Electronic Arts (EA)

Andy Billings is passionate about energizing executives, managers, and teams to shape their future and transform how they do business through innovation, product development, and organization building. He works closely with leaders to find the right path toward success and profitability. Andy’s business acumen and ability to work as a trusted colleague fuels his leadership effectiveness.

In his current role as VP of Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts, Andy stresses the vital importance of leadership development as a force for transformational change. Known for developing highly-effective simulations, games, and other creative means that result in learning and change, Andy develops key change agents who ensure ongoing profitability by overcoming “impossible” challenges. Participants in Andy’s learning and development initiatives have played a major role in the company’s recent digital transformation and financial turnaround.

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